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VALPRO is a commercial automated valuation model (AVM) product that provides an instantaneous and objective market value estimate of small-cap CRE properties.

A complementary product, VALPRO PC, combines Boxwood's AVM with an inspection of the subject property, rendering a market value estimate that is property "conditioned," or adjusted for possible building disrepair. VALPRO PC is delivered to clients in seven business days with an exterior inspection and 12 business days with an interior inspection. By including a building inspection, VALPRO PC complies with federal agency guidelines for a commercial property evaluation report used by bank institutions.

Tap into VALPRO to quickly confirm property value or size a loan. Also use it for updating LTVs on loan portfolios to assess potential loss severity and overall value. In addition, VALPRO can serve as a quality control check on other market value assessments you might obtain, and to help manage your client's expectations of value in a changing market environment.

Our AVM is a hybrid, statistical model that captures an extensive amount of information about the property and the surrounding market. VALPRO incorporates:

  The subject's recent sales history
  The subject's building characteristics
  Property-type specific sales trends at the market and zip-code levels
  The subject's tax assessed value
  Local tax assessment policies

In addition, the VALPRO report is accompanied with a confidence score that serves as a guide to the reliability of the value obtained. Confidence scores are a routine feature of residential AVMs.

VALPRO is user-driven based on a subject property address, and the report is instantly generated for your use. VALPRO is available in most primary and secondary metro areas.

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